T312 German Armies

Links to T312 series (Armies). Most links redirect to a cloud server. You do not have to create an account to get the files. However, if you do wish to create an account, click here.

Finding Aid to T312

T312 R11T312 R12T312 R14T312 R18T312 R27

T312 R28T312 R29T312 R30T312 R39T312 R46

T312 R50T312 R54T312 R55T312 R56T312 R60

T312 R65T312 R69T312 R70T312 R80T312 R81

T312 R83T312 R85T312 R86T312 R87T312 R89

T312 R91

T312 R111T312 R114T312 R115T312 R131T312 R132

T312 R135T312 R147T312 R159T312 R180T312 R187

T312 R228T312 R229T312 R232T312 R233T312 R243

T312 R244T312 R246T312 R249T321 R253T312 R254

T312 R255T312 R256T312 R259T312 R260T312 R261

T312 R262T312 R267T312 R281T312 R291T312 R297

T312 R307T312 R309T312 R310T312 R315T312 R316

T312 R317T312 R320T312 R330T312 R339T312 R344

T312 R348T312 R349T312 R351T312 R352T312 R353

T312 R354T312 R355T312 R358T312 R360T312 R362

T312 R364T312 R365T312 R366T312 R367T312 R368

T312 R369T312 R370T312 R371T312 R372T312 R373

T312 R374

T312 R417T312 R424T312 R425T312 R455T312 R 456

T312 R460T312 R469T312 R478T312 R482T312 R483

T312 R486T312 R487T312 R488T312 R489T312 R490

T312 R491T312 R493T312 R494T312 R495

T312 R504T312 R508T312 R516T312 R519T312 R522

T312 R545T312 R546T312 R547T312 R548T312 R556

T312 R557T312 R564T312 R569T312 R581T312 R587

T312 R588T312 R589T312 R590T312 R597

T312 R605T312 R607T312 R608T312 R609T312 R625

T312 R627T312 R628T312 R634T312 R635T312 R636

T312 R637T312 R638T312 R639T312 R641T312 R644

T312 R647T312 R648T312 R649T312 R662T312 R668

T312 R669T312 R670T312 R672T312 R673T312 R675

T312 R678T312 R684T312 R695

T312 R710T312 R718T312 R719T312 R721T312 R722

T312 R724T312 R725T312 R726T312 R727T312 R728

T312 R731T312 R743T312 R744T312 R745T312 R746

T312 R749T312 R750T312 R781T312 R782T312 R783

T312 R793T312 R794

T312 R803T312 R805T312 R806T312 R823T312 R836

T312 R837T312 R838T312 R854T312 R856T312 R857

T312 R858T312 R859T312 R888

T312 R902T312 R903T312 R917T312 R920T312 R928

T312 R929T312 R930T312 R931T312 R933T312 R940

T312 R956T312 R958T312 R959T312 R964T312 R967

T312 R969T312 R972T312 R977T312 R980T312 R981

T312 R982T312 R983T312 R990T312 R991T312 R992

T312 R993

T312 R1006T312 R1010T312 R1026T312 R1033T312 R1037

T312 R1042T312 R1054T312 R1062T312 R1063T312 R1064

T312 R1070T312 R1075T312 R1096T312 R1097T312 R1099

T312 R1136

T312 R1200T312 R1202T312 R1203T312 R1204T312 R1213

T312 R1214T312 R1215T312 R1216T312 R1217T312 R1218

T312 R1219T312 R1231T312 R1232T312 R1233T312 R1234

T312 R1235T312 R1242T312 R1250T312 R1253T312 R1268

T312 R1272T312 R1282T312 R1283T312 R1285T312 R1289

T312 R1304T312 R1313T312 R1316T312 R1317T312 R1318

T312 R1320T312 R1321T312 R1322T312 R1323T312 R1327

T312 R1383T312 R1384T312 R1389T312 R1393T312 R1397

T312 R1406T312 R1423T312 R1426T312 R1446T312 R1451

T312 R1452T312 R1455T312 R1456T312 R1457T312 R1459

T312 R1460T312 R1461T312 R1463T312 R1467T312 R1468

T312 R1469T312 R1473T312 R1474T312 R1475T312 R1476

T312 R1477T312 R1478T312 R1479T312 R1481T312 R1482

T312 R1483T312 R1484T312 R1485T312 R1486T312 R1488

T312 R1492T312 R1493T312 R1497

T312 R1505T312 R1507T312 R1514

T312 R1617T312 R1619T312 R1620T312 R1625T312 R1626

T312 R1627T312 R1628T312 R1630T312 R1632T312 R1633

T312 R1634T312 R1635T312 R1637T312 R1650T312 R1654

T312 R1656T312 R1673T312 R1676T312 R1683T312 R1691

T312 R1692T312 R1693T312 R1694T312 R1696T312 R1697


  1. I heard that there is Roll 1685 in T312 but I can’t find it in the archive, did it ever existed, or just not included in the archive?

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