T314 German Army Corps and Panzer Corps

Links to T314 series (Amy corps and Panzer corps). Most links redirect to a cloud server. You do not have to create an account to get the files. However, if you do wish to create an account, click here.

Finding Aid to T314

T314 R1T314 R2T314 R3T314 R4T314 R5

T314 R6T314 R12T314 R16T314 R21T314 R24

T314 R25T314 26T314 R30T314 R31T314 R39

T314 R40T314 R42T314 R44T314 R46T314 R49

T314 R50T314 R51T314 R52T314 R54T314 R60

T314 R73T314 R74T314 R75T314 R76T314 R77

T314 R84T314 R91T314 R98T314 R99

T314 R100T314 R104T314 R107T314 R108T314 R134

T314 R143T314 R144T314 R158T314 R159T314 R162

T314 R164T314 R166T314 R182T314 R183T314 R184

T314 R186T314 R188T314 R194T314 R196

T314 R200T314 R201T314 R202T314 R203T314 R204

T314 R206T314 R207T314 R223T314 R224T314 R226

T314 R230T314 R231T314 R235T314 R241T314 R245

T314 R247T314 R252T314 R257T314 R264T314 R266

T314 R310T314 R335T314 R345T314 R346T314 R347

T314 R348T314 R352T314 R353T314 R354T314 R355

T314 R375T314 R379T314 R380T314 R389

T314 R405T314 R407T314 R408T314 R409T314 R446

T314 R447T314 R448T314 R450T314 R455T314 R457

T314 R464T314 R466T314 R467T314 R468T314 R469

T314 R480T314 R481T314 R482T314 R485T314 R487

T314 R488T314 R489T314 R492T314 R493T314 R494

T314 R495T314 R496T314 R499

T314 R501T314 R506T314 R513T314 R518T314 R524

T314 R529T314 R530T314 R540T314 R541T314 R548

T314 R554T314 R555T314 R556T314 R557T314 R558

T314 R559T314 R560T314 R561T314 R562T314 R563

T314 R564T314 R565T314 R566T314 R569T314 R571

T314 R575T314 R576T314 R579T314 R580T314 R584

T314 R585T314 R586T314 R587T314 R588T314 R589

T314 R590T314 R591T314 R598T314 R599

T314 R600T314 R606T314 R625T314 R633T314 R641

T314 R642T314 R643T314 R644T314 R645 T314 R647

T314 R651T314 R654T314 R658T314 R659T314 R661

T314 R662T314 R663T314 R664T314 R667T314 R670

T314 R671T314 R673T314 R675T314 R678T314 R684

T314 R715T314 R720T314 R722T314 R726T314 R727

T314 R732T314 R755T314 R758T314 R759T314 R760

T314 R761T314 R763T314 R775T314 R776T314 R783

T314 R784T314 R785T314 R786T314 R787T314 R789

T314 R791T314 R795

T314 R800T314 R801T314 R806T314 R810T314 R811

T314 R813T314 R815T314 R816T314 R817T314 R818

T314 R821T314 R823T314 R825T314 R826T314 R827

T314 R828T314 R829 T314 R830T314 R831T314 R832

T314 R833T314 R834T314 R840T314 R841T314 R842

T314 R847T314 R848T314 R849T314 R850T314 R851

T314 R864T314 R883T314 R885T314 R886T314 R888

T314 R898T314 R899

T314 R900T314 R901T314 R902T314 R906T314 R907

T314 R914T314 R919T314 R925T314 R933T314 R934

T314 R937T314 R938T314 R941T314 R942T314 R943

T314 R944T314 R945T314 R953T314 R957T314 R959

T314 R960T314 R961T314 R962T314 R964T314 R968

T314 R969T314 R970T314 R973T314 R974T314 R975

T314 R982T314 R983T314 R994T314 R996T314 R997

T314 R998

T314 R1001T314 R1003T314 R1006T314 R1007T314 R1010

T314 R1014T314 R1019T314 R1022T314 R1025T314 R1044

T314 R1045T314 R1046T314 R1048T314 R1072T314 R1073

T314 R1074T314 R1086T314 R1097T314 R1098

T314 R1100T314 R1126T314 R1127T314 R1132T314 R1133

T314 R1137T314 R1138T314 R1139T314 R1140T314 R1153

T314 R1155T314 R1159T314 R1162T314 R1164T314 R1165

T314 R1170T314 R1171T314 R1172T314 R1173T314 R1174

T314 R1175T314 R1176T314 R1180T314 R1186 T314 R1195

T314 R1196T314 R1197T314 R1198

T314 R1201T314 R1204T314 R1205T314 R1206T314 R1216

T314 R1218T314 R1219T314 R1230T314 R1231T314 R1232

T314 R1233T314 R1235T314 R1237T314 R1239T314 R1242

T314 R1246T314 R1247T314 R1249T314 R1253T314 R1266

T314 R1270T314 R1277T314 R1279T314 R1280T314 R1282

T314 R1283T314 R1297T314 R1299

T314 R1300T314 R1301T314 R1302T314 R1303T314 R1304

T314 R1306T314 R1310T314 R1313T314 R1314T314 R1315

T314 R1318T314 R1319T314 R1320T314 R1328T314 R1335

T314 R1338T314 R1340T314 R1342T314 R1343T314 R1348

T314 R1349T314 R1352T314 R1353T314 R1354 T314 R1355

T314 R1356T314 R1362T314 R1364T314 R1368T314 R1369

T314 R1376T314 R1377T314 R1379T314 R1387T314 R1388

T314 R1389T314 R1390T314 R1391T314 R1392

T314 R1443T314 R1471T314 R1472T314 R1474T314 R1479

T314 R1480T314 R1481T314 R1482T314 R1485T314 R1487

T314 R1488T314 R1492T314 R1495T314 R1496T314 R1497

T314 R1498

T314 R1530T314 R1538T314 R1539T314 R1540T314 R1541

T314 R1542T314 R1544T314 R1545T314 R1546T314 R1547

T314 R1548T314 R1549T314 R1550T314 R1551T314 R1552

T314 R1555T314 R1556T314 R1557T314 R1558T314 R1559

T314 R1560T314 R1562T314 R1567T314 R1568T314 R1569

T314 R1572T314 R1574T314 R1583T314 R1589T314 R1590

T314 R1591T314 R1592T314 R1593T314 R1594T314 R1595

T314 R1596T314 R1597

T314 R1605T314 R1618T314 R1619T314 R1623T314 R1624

T314 R1625T314 R1626T314 R1627T314 R1630T314 R1646

T314 R1650T314 R1653T314 R1654T314 R1655T314 R1663

T314 R1667T314 R1668T314 R1669


  1. Hello,
    I have been looking into T314 R60 as vital for my family research. I found it contains 204 pdf files while the file at NARA should be around 1096. Acording to NARA several parts cover the I Korps data all the way to November 1943 while no info beyond June can be found on this file here. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. T-314 roll 206 (III.Pz.Korps late 43 early 44) c All of the frames are almost entirely white and imposssible read. Hopefully you can fix this.
    Thank you so much for offering these rolls in good quality. Too many free rolls online have been ruined by over-compression to save space, especially frames with maps charts etc.

    1. That’s the best copy available. Try to darken the frames with Photoscape or another software.
      Someone keeps compressing files before sharing them, even today. Can’t understand why.

  3. Yes I tried that of course, but there is almost no grey or black at all on most frames. None are readable. It’s crazy that someone would be so careless to do that. I’m sure NARA didn’t send it that way!
    Thank you nonetheless!

  4. Wanted to ask – are rolls 22 and 23 not linked or missing altogether? Thanks for the hosting this treasure trove of data!

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