T354 Waffen SS

Links to T354 series (Waffen SS). Most links redirect to a cloud server. You do not have to create an account to get the files. However, if you do wish to create an account, click here.

Finding Aid to T354

T354 R121T354 R122T354 R123T354 R124T354 R125

T354 R126T354 R128T354 R131T354 R133T354 R137

T354 R138T354 R139T354 R140T354 R141T354 R142

T354 R143T354 R144T354 R145T354 R146T354 R150

T354 R151T354 R153T354 R160T354 R161T354 R162

T354 R173T354 R174T354 R175T315 R181T354 R184

T354 R201T354 R203T354 R212T354 R225

T354 R360T354 R362T354 R381

T354 R420T354 R477

T354 R552T354 R578T354 R598T354 R599

T354 R604T354 R606T354 R610T354 R611T354 R623

T354 R624T354 R625T354 R626T354 R627T354 R628

T354 R629T354 R630T354 R631T354 R634T354 R640

T354 R641T354 R642T354 R644T354 R646T354 R647

T354 R648T354 R651T354 R653


  1. hallo sir, pleased to meet you.
    I’m working on a research about the guards units to Mussolini from october 1943 to april 1945.
    in particular, I’m looking for info about Flak Abteilung II-KommandoStab RFSS, and some officers like Otto Kisnatt and Fritz Birzer personal files.
    Maybe you can help me showing which of your rolls may contain these info?
    I know that SSO 173 is for Otto Kisnatt and SSO 72 for Fritz Birzer.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

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