T78 German OKH

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Rolls 142 and beyond include detailed statistics on production of weapons and equipment.

Rolls 625 and beyond, as well as rolls 773 and beyond, include data on fortifications.

Rolls 883 and beyond are officers cards with detailed careers and evaluations.

Findind Aid to T78

T78 R32T78 R39T78 R42T78 R47T78 R48

T78 R50T78 R51T78 R52T78 R53T78 R54

T78 R55T78 R56T78 R57T78 R59T78 R72

T78 R129T78 R130T78 R131T78 R132T78 R133

T78 R136T78 R141T78 R142T78 R143T78 R144

T78 R145T78 R146T78 R149T78 R150T78 R151

T78 R152T78 R163T78 R164T78 R165T78 R166

T78 R167T78 R168T78 R169T78 R174T78 R176

T78 R181

T78 R203T78 R237T78 R269T78 R273T78 R281

T78 R300T78 R304T78 R305T78 R311T78 R312

T78 R313T78 R314T78 R316T78 R317T78 R318

T78 R323T78 R324T78 R325T78 R326T78 R331

T78 R332T78 R337T78 R343T78 R346T78 R348

T78 R351T78 R352T78 R391 to 397

T78 R403T78 R404T78 R405T78 R410T78 R411

T78 R412T78 R413T78 R414T78 R415T78 R416

T78 R417T78 R418T78 R419T78 R420T78 R421

T78 R422T78 R423T78 R425T78 R426T78 R427

T78 R428T78 R429T78 R432T78 R435T78 R444

T78 R451T78 R452T78 R464T78 R465T78 R475

T78 R476T78 R477

T78 R510T78 R511T78 R512T78 R513T78 R514

T78 R515T78 R516T78 R520T78 R521T78 R522

T78 R523T78 R524T78 R527T78 R528T78 R529

T78 R531T78 R532T78 R533T78 R534T78 R536

T78 R541T78 R542T78 R548T78 R560T78 R561

T78 R581T78 R582

T78 R616T78 R618T78 R619T78 R620T78 R621

T78 R622T78 R623T78 R624T78 R625T78 R627

T78 R628T78 R629T78 R631T78 R639T78 R640

T78 R641T78 R642 T78 R643T78 R644T78 R645

T78 R646T78 R649T78 R672T78 R677

T78 R705T78 R708T78 R711T78 R718T78 R720

T78 R724T78 R725T78 R750T78 R758T78 R760

T78 R761T78 R763T78 R766T78 R772T78 R773

T78 R774T78 R775T78 R785

T78 R815T78 R816T78 R817T78 R818T78 R819

T78 R841T78 R851T78 R860T78 R861T78 R862

T78 R863T78 R864T78 R866T78 R871T78 R872

T78 R873T78 R874T78 R875T78 R880T78 R881

T78 R883T78 R884T78 R885T78 R886T78 R887

T78 R888T78 R889T78 R891T78 R892T78 R896

T78 R897

T78 R900T78 R904T78 R907T78 R908T78 R910

T78 R911T78 R912T78 R913T78 R914T78 R915

T78 R916T78 R926T78 R927T78 R928T78 R929

T78 R930T78 R931T78 R932T78 R933T78 R934

T78 R935T78 R937T78 R940T78 R941T78 R943

T78 R945T78 R946T78 R947T78 R948


      1. About 700 pages; the download has 473 pages out of 1184 total.
        I.e. pages 1, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 19, 22, 24, 26-28, 30-33, 37, 39-43, 46-48, …

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