T84 Misc (and Rommel)

Links to T84 series (Miscellaneous German Records, including Rommel papers). Most links redirect to a cloud server. You do not have to create an account to get the files. However, if you do wish to create an account, click here.

Searching Aid to T84

T84 R22T84 R26T84 R27-28T84 R89T84 R98T84 R99

T84 R104T84 R143T84 R145T84 R158T84 R187T84 R188

T84 R242T84 R246T84 R248T84 R250

Rommel papers: T84 R274T84 R275T84 R276T84 R277T84 R278T84 R279T84 R280T84 R281T84 R282

T84 R316T84 R329

T84 R483

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