T84 Misc (and Rommel)

Links to T84 series (Miscellaneous German Records, including Rommel papers). Most links redirect to a cloud server. You do not have to create an account to get the files.

Searching Aid to T84

T84 R22T84 R26T84 R27-28T84 R89T84 R98T84 R99

T84 R104T84 R143T84 R145T84 R158T84 R187T84 R188

T84 R242T84 R246T84 R248T84 R250

Rommel papers: T84 R274T84 R275T84 R276T84 R277T84 R278T84 R279T84 R280T84 R281T84 R282

T84 R316T84 R329

T84 R483

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