4H Syria Lebanon (Levant)

Links to SHD 4H (Levant – Syria Lebanon). Files range from conquest of the territory in 1917 to seizure by the British in 1941.

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Files are sorted by topic, which does not exactly fit the box numbering. Some boxes are split over two or more topics.

Source of the files

Finding Aid

Détachement français de Palestine et Syrie

1st bureau (manpower, organisation): 4H1, 4H2-3

2nd bureau (intelligence): 4H4

3rd bureau (operations): 4H5, 4H6, 4H7-8, 4H9, 4H10-11, 4H12, 4H13

Base de Port-Saïd : 4H16-17, 4H21, 4H22, 4H23, 4H24, 4H25-26, 4H27, 4H28-29, 4H30, 4H31-32, 4H33, 4H34-35, 4H36-37

Légion d’Orient: 4H38, 4H39-40, 4H41, 4H42

Haut Commissariat de la République: 4H43, 4H44

Armée du Levant

1st bureau (manpower): 4H53-55

2nd bureau (intelligence): 4H57, 4H59, 4H61-66, 4H67, 4H68, 4H69-70, 4H74, 4H77, 4H78-80, 4H81-82, 4H83, 4H84, 4H85, 4H98-100, 4H102-106, 4H109 and 111, 4H112, 4H114-115, 4H116, 4H117, 4H118-119, 4H120, 4H121, 4H122-125, 4H126, 4H127, 4H128

3rd bureau (operations): 4H128, 4H129, 4H130, 4H131-132

4th bureau (supply): 4H170-171, 4H172, 4H173, 4H174, 4H175, 4H176, 4H177-178, 4H179, 4H180-185 p1, 4H180-185 p2, 4H186-188, 4H189-193 p1, 4H189-193 p2, 4H194-197, 4H198, 4H199-202 p1, 4H199-202 p2, 4H203-208 p1, 4H203-208 p2, 4H209-211, 4H212-213, 4H214-215

1st Division du Levant : 4H215, 4H216-217, 4H218-219, 4H221-224, 4H225, 4H226-228, 4H229, 4H230,

2nd Division du Levant: 4H233-234, 4H235, 4H236-239, 4H240, 4H241, 4H242, 4H243, 4H244, 4H245

3rd Division du Levant. 4H246

4th Division du Levant: 4H247-248

JMO des corps de troupes: 4H49-51, 4H249-251, 4H252-253, 4H254-255, 4H256-257, 4H258-263, 4H264-266, 4H267-269


  1. Very nice collection !
    Tout cela est très intéressant merci beaucoup 🙂
    Is the second part (periode 1939 – 1946) under digitalization too, for the future ?
    Thank you for all your hard work !

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