About and FAQ

This site offers download links to archives from World War 2. All documents are free. Documents shared here are not copyright protected.

Contents will be updated regularly. First series will be German documents, as it is difficult to study World War 2 without touching upon Germany. We plan to load series such as NARA A3343, NARA ROLLS of Army and SS documents (T-311 to T-315, T-354), NARA Navy documents (T-1022) etc.

For ease of download, documents are zipped by folder according to searching aid entries. Contrary to many sites, we prefer to offer full folders rather than one-by-one pages.

Some users have complained about the download speed and some files being too large for download to succeed. The paid account at the cloud provider should fix that. Their download tool is very stable.

Readers who wish to contribute their own documents are welcome to contact the site administration.