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4H Syria-Lebanon (Levant)

A3343 German SSO Personal files of SS officers

A3343 (non SSO)

A3356 / PERS 6 Personal files of Wehrmacht officers

Allies and German Maps

GR 19 P French Resistance

RG92 M1380 Missing Air Crew Reports (MACR)

New items RG238 M1019 / M1270 / Foreign Military Studies – Post-war interrogations of German personnel

RG260/900 US OMGUS, Foreign Exchange Depository Group

(Index only) RG407 US Army operations

RG498.1 USA ETOUSA-USFT Administrative history

T77 German OKW

T78 German OKH

T84 Miscellaneous German Records, including papers of Erwin Rommel

T175 German Reich Leader of the SS and Chief of the German Police

T178 German Ministries

T283 German Manuals

T311 German Army Groups

T312 German Armies

T313 German Panzer Armies

T315 German Divisions

T354 German Waffen SS

T501 German Rear areas, Occupied territories

T1021 German War crimes

T1022 German navy