RG 260 OMGUS Forex depository group

Links to RG260/910-960 series (OMGUS, Foreign Exchange Depository Group of the Office of the Finance adviser: data on gold and other valuables and their restitution).

Most links redirect to a cloud server. You do not have to create an account to get the files. However, if you do wish to create an account, click here.

Finding aid

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D24-27 – D28D29D30D31D32D33D34D35-37

D38-43D44D45D46D47D48D49D50 D51

D52D53D54 D55 D56 D57 D58D59 D60 D61

D62D63D64 D65 D66 D67 D68D69 D70 D71

D72 D73D74 D75 D76 D77 D78-81D82 D83

D84 D85D86D87 D88 D89 D90 D91D92-95


D121-125D126 D127 D128D129 D130 D131

D132D133D134 D135D136D137 D138D139

D140 D141 D142 D143D144 D145 D146 D147



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