RG 498.1 ETOUSA-USFET (SHAEF) Administrative History

Links to RG498.1 (Headquarters, European Theater of Operations, United States Army – ETOUSA), Administrative history. Hundreds of reports and documents covering all duties of an army, 1942-45, except combat itself. Includes detailed, weekly statistics, numerous photographs and regimental studies.

Microfilming took place in the 1960’s. Archivists removed whatever was still classified then, hence some empty folders.

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A) ADM 1-20bADM 21-29ADM 30-38ADM 463-465ADM 495-499ADM 535-538ADM 539-541

B) ADM 39-56ADM 500-502

C) ADM 57-67ADM 68-71ADM 71A-73ADM 74-82ADM 83-97ADM 542-456AADM 467-468, 503-507

D) ADM 98-111ADM 512, 554

E) ADM 112-120ADM 121-131ADM 508-511

F) ADM 132-137ADM 548-549

G) ADM 138-149ADM 150-154BADM 155-159ADM 513, 550-553C

H) ADM 160-167ADM 514, 516, 557

I) ADM168-179ADM 517, 555, 558

J-K) ADM 180-186ADM 559

L) ADM 187-195

M) ADM 196-205ADM 206-213ADM 518-520, 560-561

N) ADM 214-225

O) ADM 226-232ADM 233-240

P) ADM 241-254ADM 255-268ADM 521-523, 564-567

Q) ADM 270-276A, ADM 568-569

R) ADM 277-283AADM 284-289ADM 567E, 570

S) ADM 290-298AADM 299-309ADM 310-314AADM 315-321ADM 322-328ADM 329-334ADM 490, 523-530ADM 572

T) ADM 335-341BADM 342-349ADM 531-532

U-Y) ADM 350-367ADM 533-534ADM 562


Cables AGWAR: ADM 379-386

Cables, ETOUSA (General Lee): ADM 396-402ADM 403-415

COMZ Neptune and Base section 1: ADM 376-378N

Daily journal: ADM 469-477ADM 478-489

Engineers: ADM 547 p1ADM 547 p2ADM 547 p3

French rehabilitation: ADM 494-494EADM 494F-494IADM 494J-494W

Ground force replacement: ADM 571A-E, ADM 571F-M

Installation, transportation: ADM 449-452

Operation Neptune: ADM 491, 493-493F

Ordnance: ADM 563

Port of Cherbourg: ADM 492-492F, ADM 492G-492S

Regimental and small units studies: ADM 609-610

Special observers: ADM 387-395

Supply in ETO, SOS: ADM 368-375

Staff Conference Notes: ADM 453-457ADM 458-462

Statistical summary: ADM 416-424ADM 425-433ADM 433-439ADM 440-444A


  1. Hello

    In section RG 498.1 . I have found in item Port of Cherbourg that ADM 492G-492S is the same of ADM 492-492F.

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